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Tonight’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” (airing Sunday November 18, 2012) finds the humans, once again turning on each other. As the episode opens Merle (Michael Rooker) and three other guys are making their way through the woods when they find the body of a zombie slaughtered and the limbs arranged to send them the message that says “GO BACK.” They are hunting Michonne (Danai Gurira). As Merle taunts her she appears from nowhere and beheads one of the men, stabs another and runs back into the woods as Merle shoots. One of his bullets clips her thigh as she runs.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is in prison on the phone. A woman’s voice tells him that she can’t believe someone answered. She says she can’t tell him where they are, but tells him she is safe away from “them.” He pleads with her to help them and take them in. She says she will have to talk to the others and will call back in two hours.

Rick arrives back at the cellblock and tells them he wanted to check on Carl (Chadler Riggs). They make plans to continue carrying out the clearing of the prison then he heads back without telling them about the call.






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